The Fontana Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce
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2014 Advocacy and P.A.C.
January 19, 2008
Unidos Ganamos – Separados Perdemos

“There are People who wonder what will happen.
There are those who let things happen.  
And there are those who make things happen.”
Which one are you?
PowerPAC is committed to long-term, real progressive change.

We work year-round, and during each election cycle, to direct financial
and human resources to strategic local, state and national campaigns.

Our mission is to increase voter participation among underrepresented


On February 4, 2004, dozens of community and political leaders gathered in
San Francisco to discuss the state of social justice politics in California. Out
of that meeting, 50 leaders, activists, and organizers pledged to work
together to build a powerful statewide electoral political network for a social
justice agenda.

The list of's First 50 Founders is below. Organizational
affiliations are presented for identification purposes only.

Roberta Achtenberg         Senior Vice-President for Public Policy
                                San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Olivia Araiza                         Associate Director
                                 Justice Matters Institute

Sheila Arcelona                   Senior Analyst
                                  San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department

Iris Archuleta                        Principal, Emerald Consulting

Keith Archuleta                     Principal, Emerald Consulting

Dennis Arguelles                  Assistant Director
                                   UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Linda Asato                            Executive Director
                                   Wu Yee Childrens’ Services

Catherine Atkin                     Attorney/Consultant, Sanz Group

John Avalos                           Organizer, SEIU Local 1877

Teveia Barnes                        President, Lawyers for One America

Pierre Barolette                     Special Assistant
                                    San Francisco Assessor-Recorder

Heather Borlase                    Attorney, Borlase Law Offices

Joe Brooks                              Director
                                     Capacity Building and Civic Engagement

Dave Brown                             Principal, BC Designs

Johnnie Carter                        San Francisco Community College Trustee

Cynthia Cary-Grant                 Principal, Community Consulting Group

Emily Chang                              Principal, BC Designs

Patti Chang                                President, The Women's Foundation

Ronald Colthirst                        Consultant

LisaDuarte                                  Partner, Minami, Lew & Tamaki

Amy Epstein                                Education Reform Consultant

Monica Flores-Lodise               Policy Analyst, JMPT Consulting

Michelle Foose

Liz Guillen
                                    Policy Advocate, Public Advocates, Inc.

Emi Gusukuma                            Attorney, Haas & Najarian

Alli Harper                                    Statewide Coordinator & Lead Organizer
                                         Parent Voices

Michael Harris                             Associate Director, Lawyers Committee
                                          for Civil Rights

Saidiya Hartman                          Associate Professor of English
                                          University of California at Berkeley

Alexa Hauser                                Coordinator, Principals
                                           Anti-Racist Leadership Institute

Sharen Hewitt                               Community Activist, Instructor
                                           San Francisco State Urban Institute

Genethia Hudley-Hayes               Former President
                                            Los Angeles Board of Education

Lisa Le                                             Principal, PVL Accounting

Michelle Levynh                            Social Worker, San Mateo County
Shauna Marshall                          Professor, Hastings College of the Law

Sam Miller                                      Staff Attorney, Honorable Thelton Henderson

Esther Morales                              Policy Analyst, JMPT Consulting

Kei Nagao                                        Network Coordinator
                                            Southern Californians for Youth

Stephanie Ong                               Principal, Hope Road Consulting, Inc.

Julie Padilla                                    Executive Dean
                                            Lorenzo Patino School of Law

Vinay Patel                                      Administrative Director, Asian Improv Arts

Steve Phillips                                 President,

Susan Sandler                               Director, Justice Matters Institute

Alan Sankin                                     Attorney, Fair Isaac Corp.

Michael J. Schmitz                        Executive Director
                                            California League for Environmental
                                            Enforcement Now (CLEEN)

Silva Principal,                               Hope Road Consulting, Phoenix Streets
                                           Deputy Public Defender
                                           City and County of San Francisco

Jamienne Studley                          Former President, Skidmore College

Nicole Taylor                                   Executive Director, College Track

Mabel Teng                                      Assessor/Recorder
                                            City & County of San Francisco

Jeffrey Thomas                              District Director
                                            Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Elsa Tsutaoka                                 Physician

Rachel Weinstein                           Field Representative
                                             Assemblywoman Loni Hancock’s Office

Andy Wong                                      CEO, JMPT Consulting

Karen Zapata                                  Executive Director
                                            Teachers for Social Justice

Crystal Zermeno                             Policy Analyst
                                             SEIU 1877 (Justice for Janitors)
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