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January 19, 2008
Unidos Ganamos – Separados Perdemos

“There are People who wonder what will happen.
There are those who let things happen.  
And there are those who make things happen.”
Which one are you?
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Dear Friends:

It is with great pleasure “and mucho orguyo” that I communicate
with you through the "New Website" of the  Fontana Hispanic
Chamber Commerce.

It has been just a few years since the Chamber was revitalized with
a New Board of Directors who share a common vision and a strong
commitment to serve the Latino / Hispanic Community and our
wonderful city of Fontana.

“Our New Website” has served as a vehicle for us to communicate
with our members and the community, not only on business
development issues, but also, on a wide range of topics that affect
all of us.

In 2008 we elected a new President of the United States as well as
several key positions within our city, county and state.  There were
critical “propositions” on our state ballot that included a few that  
affected our Native American brothers as well as our State’s

With elections, again right around the corner, each of us must take
personal responsibility to make every effort possible to “get-the-
vote-out” and insure our voice is heard.
Thank you for re-
electing  President Barck Obama and electing Angel
Santiago for Inland Empire Utilities Agency Board, Lydia
Salazar-Wibert, Jesse Sandoval for Fontana City Council
and Gloria Negrete-McCleod for United States Congress.

The Fontana Hispanic Chamber will collaborate with other
organizations and take an active role in registering our citizens for
the right to vote.

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat or Independent, we must
form a coalition of voters across party lines to insure that every
political candidate hears the issues and concerns of the Hispanic

Please take a few moments to visit our New Website (that is still
under construction and development) and review the various
pages within it.

Adelante amigos!

Sinceramente su servidor,

Armando Yepes
Chairman of the Board
Many have called the Latino Community a "Sleeping
Giant".... in 2008 and 2012 they heard our "Yawn"....

and in 2014 They Will Hear our "Roar"